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"Beautiful Bella"
Bella is our pet, she is a ridgie cross, who we rescued from the animal welfare league in march 2003, she was 18mths old and Billy was 6mths old.
From the first moment they met they were inseparable!
She accompanies us to all our dog shows both local and interstate, bringing us much love and joy, with a fondness for the trailer, she much prefers to travel in "Her" trailer than in the car.
Bella is a little "pocket rocket", she is the top dog in our yard
and she makes sure that everyone knows it!
She will be 8yrs old on the 12th August '09 and plays hard with Shona and Renga!

Bella holds a special place in our hearts and in the hearts of those that have been fortunate enough to have met her. We love her dearly and she makes our Sunrij family complete!




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Contact Details
Kim & Peter Bell
Hebersham, NSW, Australia
Phone : 02 9628 0711
Email : [email protected]

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