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Hello and Welcome to Sunrij Rhodesian Ridgebacks


We would like to introduce ourselves, we are Peter and Kim Bell and we are a small kennel located in Western Sydney.

Our love and involvement with Ridgebacks began in 2002 with the purchase of Billy. 


 Aust Ch Umkimzulu Cosmic Sunbird (18-09-2002 to 12-09-2005)

 Billy was only with us for three short years,

(unfortunately having passed with lymphoma cancer)

He holds a very special place in our hearts and the choice of name for our kennel prefix is in loving memory of him.

"Always in our hearts and never forgotten!"

 October 2009 brings a fresh start and a new beginning with the arrival of Shona's second litter, This litter will be the first registered under the Sunrij Prefix, with this litter comes the first home bred addition to our show team (Chyna), October also see's a slight change in direction for us.
Our journey to the Darkside has begun with the birth of Tarla our first brown nose Ridgeback, We would like to take this opportunity to thank Nerida of Sixemm Rhodesian ridgebacks for allowing this delightful young lady to make Sunrij her home.
Tarla also brings with her African liver lines, allowing us to expand our future breeding plans.

June 2011 the second Sunrij litter was born and the arrival of our first home bred Darkside puppy. Introducing our new girl Buffy "Sunrij Never Say Never Again" Our own boy Renga being the sire and he has done us proud by producing Brown nose pups, Peter has been predicting this all along!!!!. 

Our current ridgeback family consists of four show ridgies and the semi-retired Shona

Renga   "Umkimzulu Midknight Sun", 18-12-2005 (Desexed)
             Hip & Elbows scores for Renga Hips 5/3 (ava) Elbows 0/0
Renga Carries The Liver Gene, DM Clear
Tarla (Brown Nose) "Aust Ch. Sixemm Mistress Of The Dark" 10-10-2009
Hip & Elbow Scores For Tarla Hips 2/2 (ava) Elbows 0/0
DM Clear and DD Not carrying Blue Dilute
Buffy (Brown Nose) "Sunrij Never Say Never Again" 19-06-2011 DM Clear
Hips & Elbow Scores for Buffy Hips 0/0 (Ava) Elbows 0/0

Billie "Sunrij Back In Black" DM Clear By Parentage

Renga, Tarla,Buffy,Billie & Shona bring us much love and joy, both inside and outside the dog show ring.


Aust Ch Umkimzulu Cosmic Sunbird (18-09-2002 to 12-09-2005)
Shona   "Aust Ch. N Ch. Umkimzulu HeartBrakRidge", 21-11-2004
             Hip & Elbow scores for Shona Hips 1/2 (Ava) 0.21/0.25 (pennhip) Elbows 0/1

Chyna "Sunrij Big Bad And Beautiful" 16-10-2009 DM Clear
Hips & Elbow Scores for Chyna Hips 0/0 (Ava) Elbows 0/0
Bella was a ridgie cross, who we rescued from the animal welfare league in March 2003

Our family would not be complete without our  beautiful ridgies!










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Kim & Peter Bell
Hebersham, NSW, Australia
Phone : 02 9628 0711
Email : [email protected]

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