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  Shona Waiting Patiently For Her Puppy House To Be Finished

 Ethics,Goals & Ojectives.

    Whilst only new to breeding, Sunrij will be breeding in accordance with the rules and regulations of Dogs NSW Canine Association & The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Inc., both of which we are members of. Our aim is to produce beautiful, healthy, happy puppies according to the breed standard that are sound in mind, body and soul. Temperament of the parents is very important to us and is always taken into consideration. We will be breeding the occasional litter and each litter will be well researched and planned. As we have a fondness for African lines in particular the older style of African dogs, most of our litters will contain a strong African influence and we will be striving to maintain a strong African heritage in our pups. All Rhodesian  Ridgebacks used in our breeding program will be hip and elbow scored to ensure they are free from hip and elbow dysplasia, we aim to use only dogs that are close to or below the breed average, which is currently at 6.76 (ava). Sunrij stand behind all puppies we sell and will give follow up help and advice. We offer full breeder back up for the life of the puppy, no matter how big or small a problem may seem to you, please remember we are only an email or phone call away.

 All Sunrij puppies come with the following:

* Registered with Dogs NSW & have registration papers (BLUE) show, Orange (pet).
* Record of vacination, worming & microchipped
* Weekly checks from birth till 8 weeks for dermoid sinus
* Vet checked and vacinated at 6 weeks
* Comprehensive care and welfare book
* Copies of the parents hip and elbow scores
* Guarantee of health & desexing contract for pets
* A puppy pack to help you get started including a few days supply of food & toys (Food for picked up puppies only)
* Photo Album or Cd with photos of the litter and both parents


All Sunrij puppies are raised on a quality puppy food in a home enviroment and are well socialised. The puppies are born in our spare bedroom with one us sleeping in there with them at all times and they will live inside for the first 4 weeks.


From 4 weeks of age the puppies will be moved outside to our custom built puppy house which has a large and securely fenced off grass area.This puppy play area is also monitored by surveillance cameras. Once outside the pups will have the opportunity to explore there new surroundings and will have new an varied surfaces to move around on, these surfaces will include timber, lino, grass, cement and artificial turf. This time outside also helps in introducing them to the normal sights and sounds of day to day activities. Due to the design of the puppy play area that is securely surrounded by 1.8 m high fencing, the puppies will be able to interact on a daily basis with our other adult dogs, while remaining in there own safe and secure area. The puppies will also receive constant human attention from us, our family and friends which is very important for a healthy, happy and confident puppy. When the weather is hot or a litter is born during the summer months a clam shell puppy pool with an additional shaded area will be added. There will also be a variety of rope ,tug type toys and a puppy tunnel to keep them amused when its play time. There is also a sesame street cubby house outside for them that is closer in size to an adult dog kennel that will help them in adjusting to an outside kennel if this is your preferred eventual method of housing your dog.


All litters are themed with each puppy having a unique name relating to that theme, (puppy owners maybe given the opportunity of choosing their puppies registered name as long as it fits in with the theme for that litter and has not been used or chosen by someone else


 All Sunrij puppies will be sold with either full registration papers (blue) or limited registration papers (orange).The difference between the 2 types of registration papers are full registration is usually issued to a "show potential" puppy, that is one that shows no obvious faults at the time(8 weeks) that would make it extremely difficult or immpossible to obtain it's Australian Championship tittle. Limited registration papers (orange) are issued to "pet quality" puppies. This does not make your new puppy anyless of a ridgeback but one that has a cosmetic fault that would stop it or give you a lot of difficulty in obtaining an Australian championship tittle with this puppy. Typical examples of what would make it a "pet quality" puppy are ridge faults, more or less than the required two crowns, severely offset crowns, incorrect placement of crowns, too short a ridge, excessive white (this is usually a personel preference with some people being more forgiving than others on the amount of or placement of white patches that they will accept). Other faults that may be present are incorrect bite or a kink tail, these faults are purely cosmetic and do not effect the health of your new pup. Occasionally ridgeless puppies are born these will be sold for raising costs only, Sunrij now or in the future do not intend to cull any puppy just because it does not have a ridge. All ridgeless puppies will be sold on limited registration papers and come with a desexing contract.

Please note only full registered pups (blue papers) will be available to overseas show homes. We will not export "pet quality" puppies overseas. If your enquiry is from oversea's we will only deal with you directly, arranging all vet checks, vacinations, paper work, transport and flight arrangements here in Australia. At no time now or in the future do we intend to sell our puppies through a puppy broker or sell any Sunrij puppy to petshops here in Australia or oversea's.


What We Want From You.

 Puppy Preschool: We strongly recomend that your new Sunrij puppy attend.Give your local veterinary practice a ring and they can advise you all about the classes they run. These classes are usually started from around 8 weeks of age.

Basic Obedience: We strongly recomend that your new Sunrij puppy attend.A basic obedience course is usually run over a 8 week period and is usually started after the puppy has had it's final booster vacination at 4 mths (16 weeks). During these courses you will learn the basic building blocks of obedience training including sit, drop, stay, come and how to control your dog when walking on a lead, you will also learn some other games to play with your dog that may serve you well should you continue on to other courses or a more advanced levels of obedience training.

Keep In Contact: This we insist on. As you have just become a new member of the Sunrij extended family,there is nothing more pleasing to us as breeders than to receive regular updates on how your Sunrij puppy is progressing and please remember to advise us on any change to your details. As we regulary show through out NSW and usually have at least one interstate trip away each year it would mean alot to us if you live local to where we are showing if you could spare the time to bring your Sunrij puppy down for a quick visit.


Mother and Daughter, Shona & Pheobe (August 2007 Shona's 1st Litter)





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